Frequently asked questions

Whether you are new to care, or have lots of experience, there are bound to be some questions you still don’t have the answer to. We’ve pulled together some of our most frequently asked questions below.

How does your recruitment process work?

To make sure the right people join the Bluebird Care team, we use a thorough recruitment process.  All recruitment is carried out locally so you need to speak to the manager of the office where you wish to work to find out about vacancies.

All applicants complete an online application form.  The manager reviews these and invites potentially suitable applicants to an interview.

We thoroughly vet all of our potential staff before they can start work with us. This includes checking records at the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Applicants who succeed through the recruitment process will be invited to attend skills assessment.  The manager will take you through the policies and procedures of Bluebird Care. This covers all of the key aspects of providing safe and effective care and usually takes about a week of classroom based learning. This provides an opportunity for both you, and us, to find out more about each other and to decide whether the role is right for you. 

Will I need previous experience of providing care and support?

Care experience is useful, but not always necessary for care assistants as we provide full training. 

What are the benefits of working for Bluebird Care?

Making a positive difference to someone else’s life brings immense satisfaction. You will be part of a team that is dedicated to the best customer care.

We value our staff because we believe they are the key to delivering top quality services. Bluebird Care offers excellent support and the opportunity to develop a rewarding career in social care. You will receive regular supervision and training and the assurance of working for a reputable company that is proud of its achievements.

What are the main types of job roles at Bluebird Care?

There are four main job roles at Bluebird Care:

  • Care assistant and Live-in care assistant
  • Coordinator
  • Supervisor
  • Registered manager

These job roles may vary according to the size of the business.  A small, new business may only have a manager, coordinator and a team of care assistants. Whereas, a large established business may, in addition to the above roles, employ a bookkeeper, PR & marketing executive, training manager, operational manager, administrator and apprentices.

What are the opportunities for career progression?

There is a strong career pathway in the care sector. At Bluebird Care you can work your way up from care assistant to supervisor, care manager or even run your own business, if that is what you want to do, and we are here to support you.

What hours will I need to work? Can I work part-time?

Depending upon your role, we offer flexible contracts, part time or full time to fit with your other commitments.

What is different about the homecare that Bluebird Care offers?

Our business is unique in Ireland because our primary motive is quality. From the beginning our core value has been to provide great customer service. Our dedicated staff are committed to making a positive difference to customers’ lives. Bluebird Care believes in supporting each customer to be in control of their care as far as they are able. To achieve this we:

  • Work in partnership with customers and their families to provide the homecare they want in the way that they want it;
  • Value and support our staff to provide high quality homecare.
What ongoing training does Bluebird Care provide?

All our staff receive regular supervision and ongoing training to enhance their existing skills and learn new ones. This is supplemented by routine refresher training.

Topics depend upon the services provided by your local office and the specific needs of their customers. This could include:

  • Dementia and other specific medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, strokes, Parkinson’s and end of life care
  • Learning disabilities
  • Children services
  • Mental health
  • Specialist training for PEG feeding etc.
What types of homecare services does Bluebird Care offer?

We support customers with all aspects of their day to day living, so they can enjoy the best possible quality of life. Each service is tailored to meet each customer’s requirements.  

Visits can range from a fortnightly service to once or more daily, right through to overnight or live-in care. We can also offer shorter visits. These are not for giving care, but are quick safety and security checks. For example, making sure the customer is safe or that the windows are closed.

What will be expected of me as a care assistant?

Being part of the Bluebird Care team is rewarding and gives great job satisfaction, but it also demands commitment and professionalism.

To be a Bluebird Care care assistant, it is essential you genuinely care for others and good communication skills, especially when listening to customers. Wanting to find out more and to problem solve are key.

You need to understand what the role of a care assistant entails and be able to follow instructions.  

Who are the customers of Bluebird Care?

Our customers include people who; are older, have learning or physical disabilities or live with a mental health condition. Some of our businesses also provide care and support to children and their families.

Bluebird Care is a franchise - what does that mean?

Working for a franchise business means that your local office is part of a network of individual businesses. Each business (franchise owner) has a license to trade using the brand and methods of the franchisor – in this case, Bluebird Care.