Nursing Careers

A Very Rewarding Career

Bluebird Care is committed to redefining nurse delivered care, bringing it directly to the heart of our communities. Our commitment lies in delivering exceptional general & specialised nursing services in the local community, ensuring your loved one can receive hospital level care in the home.

Our nursing team operates within the community, providing personalised, one-on-one care directly in the homes of our clients. This approach allows us to deliver highly individualized nursing services that deeply resonate with those we care for.

Join us in making a profound difference in people's lives through compassionate and dedicated care.

Support, training & professional development

Being cared for in your own home is the gold standard, everyone wants to be at home and the best care outcomes come from those cared for at home. It's incredible to be the reason people can stay at hime, through the provision of hospital level care in the home from Bluebird Care.
I would have worked in the acute setting for over 30 years, your body of work is changeable from hour to hour. What I found with Bluebird Care was I could place all my care, knowledge and expertise on one client, helping to ensure the best care outcomes for them alone, in the comfort of their own home.
I was cautions before I joined as I didn't have the exact training & expertise needed for the client, but one call with the Bluebird Care team and my training was arranged and that has been the way since I joined. I have always felt immense support, be it with training requirements, questions or general queries - the support is always there.

Transitioning to Community Based Nursing

We understand that in acute and other institutional care facilities, the goal is to get those you are caring for home. With Bluebird Care our goal is to keep people at home. 

Bluebird Care are committed to supporting nurses transitioning into community based nursing from any sector, through access to training alongside the support, expertise and guidance of our clinical teams. 

Hear from our incredible team of nurses about the difference they make every day in their local community and how Bluebird Care supported their transition from acute settings to home based nursing.

Why choose Bluebird Care

Competitive Packages

Bluebird Care offer competitive salaries and packages to Nurses looking to make a difference in their local communities


We understand that work life balance is important and at Bluebird Care we are committed to ensuring our team have the work life balance they desire. We create work schedules that suit your lifestyle

Training & Professional Development

We provide ongoing specialists training & professional development to all team members as required.

Support at evert step

We know a move from acute facilities to home support nursing, Bluebird Care are committed to providing ongoing support form our expert clinical teams to ensure a seamless transition into community based nursing

Career progression

We pride ourselves on the training & professional development opportunities we provide to our teams, Bluebird care offer • opportunities for career advancement and growth within the expanding field of community-based nursing care

A rewarding Career

Bluebird Care provide specialised nursing services in the home as we know, that;s where those we care for wish to be. At home, within their local community. Unlilke acute settings our goal is not to get those we care for home, It;'s to keep them safe, at home.