Being part of the team at Bluebird Care ( Dublin South ) has given me the opportunity to work closely with a diverse community of people. I have been working with Bluebird Care ( Dublin South ) for almost a year and it is a great company to work for. Flexible hours and amazing relationships with other staff and managers. Bluebird Care ( Dublin South ) is a company that give they're employees a platform to express suggestions and concerns which is a great opportunity for everyone to be happy. 


I have worked for bluebird since Covid hit, I have never met such a lovely group of people all in the one place before, there is a lot of understanding and respect given out by the office and out on the road. They have been very accommodating and also appreciative.I have been in healthcare for years now and Bluebird Care has been a great team to work with. It has a very supportive network and I enjoy working with Bluebird Care very much and all of our customers especially.


I have the pleasure of calling Bluebird South Dublin my employer for the past two years. I have a long history with Bluebird Care, for over 10 years they assisted in providing the most diligent care to help look after my mother who suffered with Dementia. When sadly my mother died three years ago I could not thank Bluebird Care enough for their constant support and dedication to their Customers even through the most difficult of times. After caring for my mother I approached Bluebird as a Nurse and was lucky enough to begin working with them as a Paediatric Nurse. I continue to happily work as part of the team in Bluebird Care Dublin South today. Everyone on the team is so delightful and I have a great relationship with the family and customer I look after. I could not be happier even throughout these challenging times with Covid.


Great place to work! Putting their staff and clients first always.


I have worked for Bluebird for 5 years now, and I feel as if I’m part of a big family. The office staff are friendly and supportive. It’s the best decision I ever made, when I joined Bluebird.